Monday, June 22, 2015

Jay Ward and the art of self-promotion, part 4

Jay Ward and his publicity machine--Howard Brandy, publicist; George Atkins, writer; Allan Burns and Sam Clayberger, artists--continued their assault on network apathy for The Bullwinkle Show with two other events, this time on the East Coast.  Roughly equivalent to the West Coast's Bullwinkle Block Party, Jay threw a Picnic at the Plaza at New York's famed Plaza Hotel. Here's some of the paraphernalia from the event:

Art by Allan Burns, lettering by Sam Clayberger

 For those having trouble reading the box lunch menu, here are the details:

Moose Burgers Flambe, Hot Moose Dogs, Bull Shrimp

Smoked Loin of Pork
Devilled Disjointed Chicken
Roast Duck

Assorted Meats:
Pate Maison

Boiled egg
Whole tomatoes
Raw celery
Elbow macaroni salad
Gruyere chees
Red radishes
One seeded buttered roll
Salt and pepper

Assorted ugli fruit
Cole slaw, Dill pickles 
on tables

Bullwinkle's crown (vanilla)
Brandied strawberries jubilee flambe'

Jay also staged the Coney Island Film Festival at where else, that mecca for cinephiles, Coney Island.  Here's a piece of letterhead for the event:

You can read more about the Picnic at the Plaza in Keith Scott's essential history of the Jay Ward studio in The Moose That Roared and you can see more cool art from the studio in The Art of Jay Ward Productions.

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