Monday, October 16, 2017

The Other Side of Sam Clayberger

Art Diamond and Sam Clayberger
One day while chatting with Jay Ward artist Sam Clayberger during the research and art scanning phase of the book, he  ruefully remarked to me that "it looked like I'm going to be remembered more for my animation art than my fine art."  That's a sentiment shared by most animation artists as they are known more for what they put on the screen than what they do on their own time.  Particularly if the art one produced was an integral part of many people's childhoods, as was the case for virtually all the shows and commercials produced by the Jay Ward studio.  Sam was a central part of the studio's output from the very beginning with his work on the Rocky the Flying Squirrel pilot to the last Quaker Oats commercial 25 years later and The Art of Jay Ward Productions features a large selection of Sam's contributions to the studio.  There are also a number of posts on this blog (here, here and here) featuring his work.

In an attempt to bring Sam's fine art paintings to a wider audience, I've posted images of some of his paintings below.  Should you be interested in seeing other examples or purchasing one, very reasonably priced, contact his daughter via his website here.  I also have a few books signed by Sam, available here, but order soon, they're going fast.

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