Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Jay Ward Christmas

Jay Ward and Bill Scott sent out unusual Christmas cards and gifts to employees, freelancers and clients (see last year's post here) but perhaps the most unusual Christmas gift they ever gave was to director Ted Parmelee to commemorate his contributions to the success of the first year of Rocky and His Friends.  Since Bullwinkle the moose figured prominently in the series, the duo had delivered to Parmelee's home a full-sized stuffed moose head. 

Parmelee responded by bombarding Ward and Scott with a series of over a dozen gag cartoons riffing on the gift.  The above cartoon was included in The Art of Jay Ward Productions but space and content considerations prohibited including any more.  So, because the moose head was a Christmas present and we're in the Christmas season, here are many of those cartoons revealing not only Parmelee's sense of humor about his gift but also his confident, calligraphic drawing style.  Incidentally, the stuffed head hung in the Parmelee household for years afterwards.

The moose head was driven through Hollywood in a small sports car on it's way to Ted Parmelee's house.
One of Ted's passions was sailing.

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  1. Now I'm thinking Ted missed a good opportunity for a gag resembling something out of The Godfather!