Monday, October 19, 2015

Life at the Jay Ward studio, as seen by Bill Scott, part 4

As we saw last week, not only was Jay Ward's and Bill Scott's relationship with General Mill's agency prickly on the best of days, their interaction with the network airing The Bullwinkle Show, NBC, wasn't much better.  The two producers felt that NBC didn't do enough promotion to ensure audience awareness of their show or its name change from Rocky and His Friends and its move to prime time.

 And, much as it is to most producers and creators today, Broadcast Standards and Practices was the bane of their existence.

Bill Scott responded to an early network "push" to make cartoons more educational*:

*For those too young to remember, PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, was originally known as NET, National Educational Television, hence Scott's reference to "National Educational TV."

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