Monday, May 11, 2015

Jay Ward and the art of self-promotion, part 2

Jay Ward staffers George Atkins and Allan Burns continued to churn out promotional material for The Bullwinkle Show, even following up the success of "Sing Along with Bullwinkle" song book with a sequel:

How many caricatures can you identify?  Think 1962.

The duo continued to come up with wacky promotions, anything to remind people of the show:

What was once considered a joke would in some circles today be considered a call to action
Reusing the same artwork for another campaign except for eliminating the teeth in the character's mouths:

Shortly after the debut of the show in 1961, Bullwinkle was featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as one of the balloons, and on the West Coast Bullwinkle appeared on a float in the 1962 Rose Parade.  Sam Clayberger designed the float, entitled "Columbus Was Wrong,"which featured Bullwinkle navigating a ship off a cubical Earth:

Last but not least, some very cool embossed letterhead for the show, oddly enough in the landscape format:

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