Monday, April 13, 2015

Sam Clayberger and Dudley Do-right

Probably the most consistently funny series of all Jay Ward's productions, Dudley Do-right of the Mounties had a handful of its episodes produced in Hollywood, most of them directed and animated by Gerard Baldwin.  Sam Clayberger remembered painting a lot of RCMP forts but as you can see by the images below, he painted much more than that.  This first batch of images is from the first Dudley episode, Disloyal Canadians.  The first and fifth images are the color keys for the backgrounds reproduced on page 186 of The Art Of Jay Ward Productions.

You can see the video for Disloyal Canadians here.  Notice how the color is unlike any of the keys above. 

Next,Foreclosing Mortgages:

Color keys for Mechanical Dudley, the background for this first image is reproduced on page 188 in The Art of Jay Ward Productions:

Saw Mill:

Next week, some more color keys for Rocky & Bullwinkle, Mr. Peabody and Sherman and more!

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